Don’t let your greens die when moving a house!


Moving a house is a stressful procedure in itself. And if you have to worry about your plants too, the stress doubles! We know how much you love your green babies and how they have become an integral part of your family. And it’s actually very tough on them when shifting a house. And if you are going to an entirely different destination far away from your present location, then you must be extra careful about them while packing and moving.

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Ø Move your plants with you safely!

Almost everything during a home shifting becomes easy because those things don’t have life and can’t die. But when it comes to your plants, even a single mistake in packing or handling them is enough to make them wilt and die. That’s why when you are planning to move your house, pay special attention to packing and handling your plants by following the below-mentioned guidelines:

o Call a professional— The very first suggestion we could give you to safeguard your plant and transport it properly is to hire the best removalists in Sydney. Acorn Furniture Removals are great in handling all sorts of delicate stuff in your home and help you move it all in a good condition to your next location. With their help and experience, you can move your plants to your new home and they even live and thrive like before!

o Repot the plant — It’s always advisable to transfer your plant from the old pot to a plastic bag or pot because ceramic or mud pots are very heavy. Also, as they are breakable, you can never be sure if they’ll reach the new location without any crack or break.

o Prepare your plants — Few days before you are scheduled to move your house, you should get rid of the dried leaves, twigs and stems from the plant. This makes them clean and compact to pack and even prevents the chances of damage to the fresh leaves.

o Check for insects — Before packing your plants, check if there are any insects in them. And if you see any of them, better spray plant insecticide on them before the journey. You certainly don’t want to carry a handful of them with your plants to your new home, do you?

o Water them well —Your plants are going to miss a day of water or maybe more. Don’t let them wilt due to this lack of nourishment. Water them well before you pack them so that the soil stays firm in the packaging due to moisture and they don’t miss out on the water during the shifting.

o Pack the large and small plants separately — Your small plants can be packed in their pots but should be packed intactly. While the taller ones need to be transferred in plastic pots and the stems and leaves or plants need to be wrapped around perfectly too. Ensure these are placed at the safest place in your moving van and don’t move too much during the travel.

After you have carefully packed and moved your plants to your new home, it’s your responsibility to unpack and report them immediately. Follow by giving them some plant food and water immediately and keep them where there’s maximum sunlight. This would ensure your plants live long and stay happily with you in your new home!

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