Diary of a real biker: Taking care of your motorcycle

Taking care of your motorcycle

Are you talking to the motorcycle again?

It’s been a week, since my dream machine, the Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle got delivered at my doorstep, but still, whenever my girlfriend walks in on both of us in the garage, she never forgets to ask Are you talking to the motorcycle again?

To which I always reply It’s not just a motorcycle, it’s the Kawasaki Ninja Motorcycle; it’s a starship from the sky, poetry on torque, and speed

Biking is a religion that is not restricted by the one-dimensionality of vantage point teaching or mythical stories, it’s an act of finding oneself rather than the deed of following someone else. Apart from the fact that good bikes immortalize riders forever in the figments of timeless motorcycle diaries, riding as a lifestyle also offers a serene reality that helps riders cope-up with the burdening conflicts of the difficult world.

I have been a biker all my life, but it was only recently when I found a true motorsports partner who shared the same passion and love for biking the way I did, and during one of our biking conversations I told him how I am dying to add a Kawasaki Ninja Motorcycle to my collection and guess what? All my prayers were answered, the partner delivered what he promised and that too on a budget.

Even though motorcycle riders are commonly referred to as the “cowboys” of the modern era, still the grandeur of the glorious motorcycling culture has been reduced by a sense of recklessness exhibited by the riders towards their motorcycles. Henceforth, we need to discuss more on the essential motorcycle health tips that every rider should know about.

  • Know the nuts and bolts of your motorcycle

A good rider knows everything about their ride and engine to the last drip, the communion between a rider and the ride can never be successful if there is a lack of interest or empathy. It’s imperative to carry out thorough research before investing in a partner for the road and some fantastic blog portals can equip you with insightful knowledge about your prospective motorcycle.

  • Know your tires

One can’t stress enough on the importance of choosing the right tires which perfectly align with the need of the rider and also the motorcycle. A superbike can’t function at its optimal potential if the powerful engine of the motorcycle is not combined with the right set of tires. Furthermore, the terrain is also very important while selecting the tires, error in tire selection can lead to accidental and lethal outcomes.

  • Don’t neglect the battery

There is a common tendency among modern riders to underestimate the importance of their motorcycle battery. An unhealthy battery can die on you anywhere and then there is no chance of miracle resuscitation that can get you out from that frustrating ordeal of drawing your bike by the hand. Therefore, it’s smart to keep track of your battery life, look for signs of trouble, and seek professional help in case of any troubleshooting issue.

  • Track your kilometers

A motorcyclist needs to track the kilometers of his ride, and not just for boasting purposes but also the health of their motorcycle engine. Even though the oil change directive can vary from one bike to another, but on average every bike needs an oil change after being on the road for 3,000 – 6,000 miles. Mark every oil change with a cross on your calendar while also mentioning the kilometers of the ride.

  • Keep the brake pads fresh and fluffy

No matter what Hollywood says braking is still an essential part of your ride. You can’t expect to strive towards exciting motorcycle endeavors without a set of healthy brakes providing you with full control over all those powerful engine horsepowers. Replacement of brake pads is necessary if the pads have lost thickness of more than 2 mm, thin and pliable brake pads can result in deadly crashes and accidents.

A good biker understands that a euphonious love relationship between a rider and the ride is not a single-sided affair, and it’s imperative for the rider to harmonize with the needs of the motorcycle to keep the machine healthy and the relationship long-lasting. While riding, your motorcycle takes the form of an ideal companion and it becomes immensely important to pick an ideal partner before you decide to start your adventurous riding journey.

You should be able to find a riding partner which is customized to your needs and will be delivered at your door with the assurance of the best motorsports dealer in the U.S., a dealer which not only provides you with a high performance mean machine but also assists you in maintaining a harmonious relationship with your motorcycle.

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