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Design Definites: 6 Elements of the Perfect Kitchen

Design Definites

So, you’re finally sick of that outdated kitchen? That obsolete design is doing nothing for your home enjoyment and it’s doing less for your ability to cook in comfort. Perhaps it feels too cramped, or that there is a lack of counter space? Perhaps your appliances are straight out of the 1990s and are breaking down every other day?

Regardless of your reasons, the remodel is one of the best ways to invigorate your home. There are numerous elements to the perfect remodel, and we are going to run you through six of them:


Pantries are back, baby! And they are completed with the most stunning kitchen handles, which provide an elegant aesthetic that sophisticates your home. What’s more, they are simply the perfect place for holding all your essential ingredients, so why did anyone ever say they went out?


Aussie kitchens vary greatly in space. But regardless of its size there are some awesome hacks you can do to make it look and feel more spacious. For example, there are numerous space-saving solutions for organising your products. What’s more, you could remove clunky cabinetry and replace it with open-shelf designs and even a bigger bench. You could even install a fold-out breakfast bar that doubles as a food preparation space!

The island

The island is one of the greatest additions to an Aussie cooking space. They provide ample food preparation and storage space whilst doubling as a breakfast bar. This is perfect for Aussie families that need to eat on-the-move, as you can simply grab your breakfast essentials from the island and without any fuss!

The dual sink

Dual sinks have become incredibly popular for homeowners who prioritise both their food preparation and cleaning. Why? Because they provide a fantastic spot to both wash and prep fruit and vegetables whilst simultaneously cleaning cookware. They are perfect for partners to work together in the space, as they allow you to easily work alongside one another in the two most important parts of cooking. What’s more, you can place a chopping board a top the food prep sink once you have cleaned your fruit and veg and this makes it double as a prep area!


The Aussie kitchen is one that sees its fair share of entertaining. Whether it’s the family dinner or Friday night cocktails, this is a space that in many homes doubles as a dining room. Therefore, this space requires top quality dining tables and seating to accommodate nightly meals and entertaining mates.

Naturally, this is a given regardless of whether you dine in the kitchen or a separate dining room, but highly quality, highly-durable dining tables and  seating are an essential for spaces that may experience a bit of wear and spillage.

Range cookers

These fantastic cookers provide far more space and contain multiple cavities, making them perfect for home cooks who make large meals in one go (basically, perfect for families!). What’s more, they can help you save on your energy bills as they allow you to do all your cooking in one go. What’s more, the added heat they create will help keep your home warmer on a frightful winter’s night.

Be sure to enlist these six essential elements to create the perfect space. You will love cooking in an area that has much more space and allows for greater movement and versatility. What’s more, having comfortable places to dine within the room itself optimises space through the home and makes for a more efficient cooking experience!

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