Brian Ferdinand: Work Travel Tips For Both Expert And Novice Travelers

Novice Travelers

If your employer requires you to travel, you fall under one of two camps: those who are excited about business travel, or those who loathe it. However, no matter which category you fall under, you can enhance your travel experience in the coming months. Travel and business expert Brian Ferdinand recently shared in a recently published article how business travelers can do just that.


One of the best moves you can make when traveling for work—no matter how many times you’ve done it before—is to make sure that you have a solid travel planning routine in place ahead of your trip. All savvy work travelers depend on routines, according to Brian Ferdinand, the managing partner of CorpHousing Group.

For instance, when you prepare for travel, you need to develop a specific way of packing that you’re confident will work for you time and time again. Also, if you like specific airline seats, be sure to book those as soon as possible.

Furthermore, do you know what type of accommodation you can book and consistently feel comfortable with? If so, be sure to complete your booking as soon as you can. (Hint: Pro travelers gravitate to corporate housing units, which offer more space and more of the comforts of home than hotels do. This type of housing also stands out for its more personalized service and convenient rental options spanning several weeks.)


When you travel for work, consider also using an organization system to stay as organized as possible at each stage of the journey. A rubberized system can especially be helpful for carrying a number of cord and devices with you from point A to point B, as they provide a secure home base for them. These systems go by several names, including travel bag inserts and packing cubes.

All in all, business travel can no doubt be overwhelming due to the many pieces of the planning process that are involved. And unfortunately, the more you travel, the more tired you may be of it. However, by taking the abovementioned steps to make the trip easier in advance, you can indeed enjoy a less stressful and thus a more rewarding business excursion this fall season. The more prepared you are, the greater your chances of not just making it through your next trip but thriving during it.


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