Benefits of Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring

When it comes to online tutoring Chicago has always been a place where I have been able to find a broad range of clients to help in their learning of Spanish, and I have friends who would say exactly the same about other topics too. It is strange actually because the reason I originally started online tutoring was to help people all over the country. Yet it is in fact my home town where I have more students. In reality it isn’t important where the students are from, what is important is that I have students who benefit from online tutoring and they do, and so could you.


The first benefit which I believe that students can enjoy is that they are able to study from their own home, in a comfortable environment which, contrary to what some may say, I believe to be conducive to learning. I try to ensure that the students are sat upright at a desk rather than lounging on a sofa, but I do support the fact the learning in this way from home can be very beneficial for them.

Lower Cost

I charge a lower fee when I give tutorials online than if I have to meet someone in person and that is simply because all it costs me to teach online is the price of the electric and the internet which of course is next to nothing. If I have to commute then I am charging for both the transport and for the time which it takes to get there and back, again these are costs which I do not have to pay when I am tutoring online.


Thanks to video calling software I am able to write notes continuously through the tutorial which my students can then copy and paste right away. This not only helps to make the learning visual, it also gives me the chance to create a comprehensive study plan directly after the session is over.

Around the World

As I mentioned most of my students are from Chicago but for a student who is looking to learn from the best they can find a tutor anywhere in the world. For example some students may prefer a Spanish speaking tutor and they will be able to find someone in Colombia or Argentina who can help them out, and the call quality and lesson quality would be just the same as it is when they call me.


Ultimately this isn’t just something which is more convenient for the tutor but for the student too and as soon as the lesson is over, both parties can simply close their laptops and move on to something else. This of course is not the case when you have face to face tutoring.

If  you are struggling with a particular topic or you need some support around your learning, finding an online tutor may very well be the perfect solution for you which can help you to take things to the next level.

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