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Barbara Montalvo – Use Social Media to Boost Your Fashion Blog to Double the Traffic!

Barbara Montalvo – Use Social Media to Boost Your Fashion Blog to Double the Traffic

If you have killer style and a fashion blog with the latest trendy tips of the year, it is high time you showcase it on social media platforms to connect with more people. If you wish to double the traffic to your fashion blog, you need to create a strong community online, and this is where social media platforms will help you.

Barbara Montalvo – Integrate your website with social media platforms

Barbara Montalvo is a popular fashion blogger from New York, and she is widely sought after for her high end and street style fashion collection. She says you should never ignore the power of social media when it comes to promoting your fashion blog online. The first thing you should do is integrate your website with social media platforms, as this is your first roadmap towards success.

Planning your social media account

When you plan to create your social media account for your fashion blog, you have to keep your potential followers in mind. They need to know who you are and what do you have on offer. You must ensure you have a good description that speaks about you and your blog. Social media users will not visit your profile if they do not know who you are. They will not linger on your profile to check out your latest style tips and fashion trends if you do not convey it to them through the posts you publish. You should tell them some special things about yourself so that they come back again. In short, in order to stand out in the crowd, you must share something unique with your present and potential followers.

Optimize your biography section well

The biography section of your social media account will introduce your blog to online users. Make sure that all the links to important pages and your website are working. The photo profile needs to be professional, as this creates the biggest impact. If you want to set yourself apart from the other fashion bloggers, your first impression counts. Make sure the profile photo you take is clear and high in resolution. Here are some photo guidelines to help you get started-

  1. The image you take should be indicative of the style that you wish to represent or wear. So, take a good snap on your best time of the day with appropriate makeup and hair intact.
  2. If you have a small icon, make sure to crop your photo so that facial features are clear and defined. The photo should display your face from the top of your head to your collarbone.
  3. Keep the photo simple, and you do not have to wear too many accessories. However, ensure the photo you take is crystal clear.

Barbara Montalvo says that when you reach out to your followers on social media, ensure that all the posts you publish are relevant to the style you wish to represent. You should be passionate about blogging and always stay informed when it comes to the latest fashion styles and trends to get an overwhelming response.

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