7 Thumb Rule every Recruiter Should Follow before Recruiting a New Candidate

New Candidate

Hiring a new employee is tough. You have a minimal window of interaction, and you have to make judgments based on that limited time. If you are a recruiter, you know the hassle. People eager to get work have embellished resumes and believe that it tells the complete story of their professional lives.

However, a person is much more than that. And a good recruiter knows that. This is especially true for offshore recruiters. An offshore recruitment team must be adept in all forms and tricks of the trade because large corporations depend on them to hire people on executives and high positions.

For example, a recruiter in India must be on top of his game when interviewing for companies in Europe. Not only must he be aware of the candidate’s functional competencies but also know the ecosystem in the company and the environment of that country. It is only then that the offshore recruitment team would be able to find a perfect fit to fill the position.

Tips for hiring the perfect candidate

Recruitment is a tough job, and as a recruiter, you continuously have to keep upgrading your knowledge and skill set. The potential candidates that need to be hired for a multitude of different positions would expect that you, the person on the other side of the table, would be on top of things. Here is a set of thumb rules to follow or essentials that you can look for in a candidate to make the perfect hire-

  1. Curiosity-

Some would say that curiosity is the ultimate goal and the drive for learning. If you say you are interested in learning, it will reflect in your interest on a general level. The curiosity of a candidate is reflected in several things like the variety and depth of his job experience, asking questions about the nature of work and company. As a thumb rule, you can look for a candidate who has done his homework. Researching the job role, the company, and the industry is a must for someone looking for a job. A serious candidate would be inquisitive and excited to begin a new chapter in his life.

  1. Adaptive-

Adaptability is a core value that a modern-day executive and worker should ideally embody. Only a person who can think on his feet would be able to imbue the ideology of ‘change is the only constant.’ These times are the perfect example of why the offshore recruitment team should look for a candidate who can fluently shift gears while working, think on the fly, and embrace novel ways of critical thinking according to what the situation demands.

  1. Ambition-

Looking for ambition in a candidate is perhaps as old as the jobs themselves. However, every recruiter must know what aspects of a person reflect his ambition because you cannot take people by their word. A recruiter in India would know that ambition is reflected in the person’s accomplishments. Going beyond his regular responsibilities, taking up and performing in leadership positions, and so on. All of these are signs of an ambitious person who wants to make a vertical career progression.

  1. Team player-

One of the hacks that companies have found to survive and thrive in this super-competitive business scenario across the globe is to adapt the value of collaboration. It is only through the collaboration of minds that arduous tasks can be achieved quickly, and innovation can be pushed forward. An employee who is not a team player would eventually become a liability for more reasons than one. As an essential thumb rule. Recruiters must hire people who are team players. It is because these people would not only grow themselves but also inspire others and bring out the best in them.

  1. Humble nature-

A drive and a zeal to grow does not mean that a person has to sacrifice humility. It is the humble nature of a person that would complement his team working and leadership ability. Looking for this trait in potential hires is essential because it is the humble people who can lead by example.

  1. Reaction and response to failure-

Failure is as much part and parcel of life as a success. It is what shapes people and pushes them towards achieving more. It is as important to fail, as it is to succeed, to learn. Failure teaches you more lessons. When looking for potential candidates to hire for a specific position, recruiters must look for signs and clues to understand how a candidate has responded to failure in his life. Describing a fault and the eventual reaction is even among the favorite questions of recruiters in interviews. This response to failure is what manifests the real character of a person.

  1. EQ and IQ-

As important as it might be for executives to be highly intelligent, they also need to be sympathetic. A high intelligence quotient is not enough in the present scenario, and companies often look for candidates who have a high emotional quotient as well. This means that the candidate needs to have the ability to know and understand people and situations around him and react appropriately. As a recruiter, it is an absolute must to look for candidates who have the right balance of these measures, as one might not be the recipe for success.


The changing times call for constant up-gradation of skills. It is not just the people looking for a job but the recruiters as well. You need to stay abreast of all the latest developments in your field and know what you want in a candidate to fill the vacant position. Remember to leverage the interview stage of the hiring to the fullest and plan your strategy well in advance.

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